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ON TARGET: Meeting Your Expectations

You expect your home to not only be safe but livable, and we want you, the homeowner to feel secure in the knowledge that your recent investment is a sound one. We inspect within the standards of practice in our industry and include a thorough and carefully categorized report for our customers. Our certified home inspectors report on structure, exterior, attached garages, roof, bathrooms, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning , interior, insulation and ventilation and built-in kitchen appliances

ON TIME: Aiming for Your Closing Date

We understand you are ready to move in, we are here to make sure you can enjoy your home, with a timely inspection. Any areas that need evaluation for repair or replacement will be noted digitally and sent to you within 24 to 48 hrs of conducting our detailed inspection so you know how to negotiate with the seller- which makes for a seamless and time conscious closing process.

Licensed North Carolina Home Inspector 

A home inspection is an essential step in the home buying process that brings efficiency and transparency to the table. Your home ticked all of your boxes at the open house, now it’s time to make sure it makes sense on paper. We prioritize safety, transparency and superior customer service with every inspection, no matter the square footage.

We aim to identify any potential problem areas that need or may need attention before closing, so that you can focus on what you fell in love with about the house, not what you have to fix.

Strong Foundation

Serving North Carolina for 25 years!

Here at Arrow Home Inspection we obviously value a strong foundation and we have confidently built our business and reputation on delivering timely, thorough and transparent home inspection reports to our customers because that is what we do. Some might say that “if the bones are good, the rest doesn’t matter”, but being detail oriented professionals we account for more , even points that you as a homeowner never considered.

We kindly coordinate with you and representative to assist you with a clear path to your closing date. Our reports are conveniently digitized so you can review and reference it whenever it works best for you. After sending you the completed inspection report, we are available to answer and assist with any questions that you may have.

Client Testimonials

You are very thorough and I will keep you in mind if I run into any buyers that need your services.


Thanks again for doing such a great job. It made me feel more confident in what I was asking them to fix.


Thanks so much for doing this. As usual, they got more than their moneys worth!

Tamy & Butch

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