"Thank you for conducting such a thorough inspection."

Thanks again for your time today! I look forward to getting the report to share with the homeowners! I know now, why you came highly recommended.
— Melonie
Thank you very much. After looking through this very thorough report, this was definitely money well spent!
— Lain and Austin
Johnny, thank you for doing such a thorough job on our home inspection. We appreciate your hard work and are pleased that you were our inspector. Thanks for your work.
— Janet Smith
Thank you so much for your time on this— I will for sure pass your name out to clients.
— Nicki Elkins Palmetto State Mortgage
Thank you for conducting such a thorough inspection.
— Dan
I had the walk through with Orleans today and they commented that the inspector I used was extremely thorough (which made me feel good and should
make you feel good). So, thank you for doing such a good job. Thanks again for doing such a great job. It made me feel more confident in what I was asking them to fix.
— Julie
Thanks so much for doing this. As usual they got more than their moneys worth!
— Tammy & Butch
Johnny, thank you again for your quick response to our request for an inspection and your thorough and complete job. Your report is easy to understand, as well as very comprehensive on all of the items reviewed. We look forward to recommending you to friends - thank you again for your tremendous work!
— S. Allen
Thank you so much for your much needed professional opinion on our new home. Looks like we need to have a contractor take a look at a few items. The house was obviously built quickly and without complete craftsmanship and care. I appreciate your professionalism and would recommend your services to anyone.
— Raina
Nicely done! We will ask the builder to correct all minor and major defects, since this is a new construction. Thank you for your efforts
— Paul Ingley, Allen Tate Realtors – Rock Hill
Thank you, Johnny. I like your presentation. Very organized and easy to understand. I like the pictures too. Thanks, again!
— Julie
From my point of view (of a non-expert) this house seems to need very serious work. Your report is very rigorous, I was impressed with it.
— Pedro
I want to thank you again for your services. You are very thorough and I will keep you in mind if I run into any buyers that need your services.
— Todd
Hi Johnny, thanks for the report. I think you did an excellent job! We definitely want a re-inspection prior to closing. Thanks!
— Tom Feely
I enjoyed meeting and spending time with you yesterday. I know that we have a lot in common and it was a pleasure to meet an experienced professional in the construction trade. As far as I am concerned, you did an outstanding job inspecting my home. Thanks again,
— R. Greene
Thank you very much for your services. You are already on our friends’ list who are coming down to hopefully sign on new construction this weekend.
— Elizabeth & Carl
We have heard many good things about your services online and hope to have your help when the time comes to inspect our new (or nearly new) home.
— Emmett Higdon
Thank you so much for passing this along to me. Your work is GREAT!
— Trent Tursi
Thanks for sending us your report. We’ve read it over and are certainly glad we had you do the inspection. You did a very thorough job.
— Ray Johnson
Thanks for being so thorough. We wish we had you inspect before we bought our current house. We will keep you in mind when buying again.
— Chris Bush
Thanks very much for inspecting my home and send the report soon. Without your help we would never have found out about the gap or hole in the attic and the crooked sunroof.
— Vidya

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