If your home needs a boost, there are plenty of easy and inexpensive DIY projects to improve your living spaces. Whether you want to make a big change or add small, personal touches, here are a few easy projects to update your home.

Paint a Room or Accent Wall to Update Your Home

Painting a room or creating an accent wall can completely transform a space. Choose a color that complements your decor and adds bold color to your living area. Painting a room is a simple and inexpensive way to make a big impact.

Update the Light Fixtures

Updating your light fixtures is an easy way to give your home a new look. Swap out old, outdated fixtures with modern ones in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Choose fixtures that complement the style of your home and provide better illumination for your living spaces.

Add Plants to Update Your Home

Plants add life and color to any space. They also have health benefits, including purifying the air and reducing stress. Learn about each houseplant’s care requirements and choose plants that are easy to care for and thrive in your home’s environment.

Change the Window Coverings

Changing your curtains or blinds is a simple way to update your home. Select new window treatments that complement your decor and add color to your space. Curtains or blinds can also help you manage the lighting indoors and provide privacy.

Upgrade the Cabinets to Give Your Home a Boost

Upgrading the cabinet hardware will give a room an updated look without undertaking a major renovation project. Replace old, outdated cabinet handles, drawer pulls, and knobs with modern ones. You’ll find a wide selection of drawer knobs at your local hardware store or online. Choose from brushed nickel, porcelain, polished brass, or other hardware colors and styles.

Create a Gallery Wall

Add art and personality to your home by creating a gallery wall. Choose an empty wall and use it as a space for displaying art, family photographs, or both. Mix and match the frames and artwork to create a unique display.

Update Your Home with a Statement Rug

Adding a bold rug to a room will instantly improve the space. Choose a rug that will tie elements of the room together. For example, find a rug incorporating colors from your furniture, throw pillows, and artwork. Rugs also help define a space and make it feel cozier.

Rearrange the Furniture

Rearranging furniture is a simple way to give your home a new look without spending any money. To start with a completely clean slate, move all the furniture out of a room. Sketch the space on paper and consider different arrangements until you find one that works for your family and makes the most of the room.

Organize the Living Spaces to Update Your Home

Organizing can help you feel more relaxed and less stressed. Remove clutter from your living spaces and create designated areas for everything in your home. Add storage solutions as needed to keep your spaces organized.

Add DIY Artwork

Creating artwork is an easy way to add personality to your home. Get the family involved and make a weekend of it. Choose a medium you enjoy working with, such as painting or drawing, and create art for your home. It’s a great way to spend family time and improve your living spaces.

You can do plenty of easy and inexpensive DIY projects to update your home. From painting a room to purchasing houseplants, there’s something for everyone. Choose tasks that complement your style and fit the budget, and have fun improving your living space.

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